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Shanghai Disney store public plaza


SWA (Landscaping)

Stone Materials

Princess White (granite)
Pepper Brown (granite)


Lujiazui, Shanghai

Project information

World’s Largest Disney Store Boasts Gem-like Outdoor Waiting Room.
In anticipation of the new Disney Shanghai theme park, Disney this flagship store and public plaza in the heart of the Pudong district, at the base of the Oriental Pearl Tower. As a small space in the land of gigantic, over-scaled architecture, SWA’s approach to the plaza is to create a precious green and flowering jewel in the sea of hardscape surrounding the site. The design is a graphic derivation from the Disney icon, legible from eye level, the adjacent pedestrian bridge, the Oriental Pearl Tower observation decks, and all adjacent buildings. Planting masses are defined by the void spaces in the graphic, shaping the space into a human-scaled series of garden experiences. When visitors descend from the pedestrian bridge (with an annual estimated 43 million crossings per year), they immediately enter into a new space tinged with Disney Magic. A whimsical parterre garden serves as a threshold before entering the store and provides a foil to the otherwise harshly urban Pudong District. The parterre evokes the fantastical gardens of old castles and Disneyland, with the flowers providing life and color, and the planter edges guiding visitors to the store’s entrance, as well as offering opportunities for rest. Visitors gather for strategic photo opportunities in front of the icon and architectural portal. Views to Superbrand mall and the raised pedestrian bridge are preserved to attract visitors to cross over. The graphic gardens and branded roof will serve as a clear message to observers looking down from the Pearl Tower observation decks. This small piece of whimsy and play in the heart of Pudong district will fuel anticipation for the park and support long term retail success in the Disney Store. The project includes complex masonry and drainage systems.